Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frankie's Growth Chart

I was so lucky to have this little sweet-pea come visit me this past weekend!

My niece Frankie....what.a.doll!!

She recently turned 1 year-old and for her birthday I really wanted to make her something!

I had been talking to my sister-in-law, Kady (Frankie's momma) about how fast these two were growing!

Gosh, they are big!

And that's when it popped in my head to make Frankie her very own growth chart (which I had never done before). I see these all the time and I saw this recently which made me realize making one would be easy-peasy and FUN! 

I checked out my ever-growing supply cabinet (le garage) and found that I had just what I needed. So I set to work!  I knew I wanted Frankie's growth chart to be big (a permanent fixture for her room) and pink (of course!). 

Here is what I came up with!

1. Painted my six foot board pink

2. Added my inch and foot lines and my numbers using the same technique they used here.

3. I had these frames I bought at Micheal's in there one dollar section (which were 50% off at the time). I ripped off the frame stand, painted them turquoise blue and attached them to the board using double-stick velcro. Kady can then add pictures of Frankie as she grows!

4. And last, I gorilla-glued a mod-podged 'F' at the top!

Just like that...easy-peasy! Next-up (among 52 other things) I need to make one for my boys.
And one more of Frankie...she seriously melts my heart!


Jane said...

LOVE!!! So hoping I can find time to steal that idea!

Anne Wallisch said...

WOW! Great little project Auntie Nicole..........luv it!
What a little cutie she is!