Friday, June 18, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Strawberry freezer jam-Check.

A few simple ingredients plus one little strawberry smasher equals......

 5 jars of yummy goodness.

Too bad it turned out to be more of a strawberry sauce than a jam. Argh! 

2. However, the little strawberry smasher could not taste test his work due to the band-aid he had to have over his mouth for a fat lip he acquired from falling off his swing set. He cracks me up...whatever makes it all better though, right?

O-Man did though, by the spoonful. 

 3. Here are a few of the boys just cause they let me snap away for 31 seconds.

 And a Flashback from last summer, well 2 of them, because I couldn't resist.



4. Gotta love a bath in the kitchen sink!

And with your GiGi.

5. No words.

Two more things.....

6. Some fun links.....
-Another great recipe blog: The Picky Palate
-Some good tips for dressing your bambinos for professional photos.
-Sick of wearing your hair in some version of a messy ponytail everyday? I sure am. Whippycake gives little video tutorials on how to change it up a bit. Very fun!
-Some of my favorite etsy sellers that I am stalking, but have not purchased yet:
      -Urban Design
      -Petunias specifically the snack bags
      -Pretty Petal Studio....THIS makes me smile
      -Signs of Vintage

7. Did you know they now sell Pretzel M&M's? Beware....they.are.very.addicting!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Pretzel M&Ms - YES...........very good!