Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ten on Wednesday

Because Tuesday came way to soon!

1. My mom is coming to visit in roughly 5 days and 13 hours...Yeah!

2.  Did you see who was in Kalamazoo on Monday night? Yup, President Obama! Kalamazoo Central High School was chosen among 8 other schools to have the President give the commencement speech at graduation. Pretty neat! Kalamazoo has the Kalamazoo Promise, which I think gave them extra bonus points to win. The Promise is a pledge by a group of anonymous donors to pay up to 100% of tuition at any MI state college/university for graduates of KZOO public schools. How cool is that?

3. Have you gone and watched Food, Inc. yet? I was serious when I said it it will change your life! In relation to this, I saw a blog post on Positively Splendid about "The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15". I knew there was a Dirty Dozen, but I had never heard of the Clean 15! Included in her post is a cheat sheet for you to download and slip into your purse for your next grocery shopping trip. Good Stuff! Side note: I made this planter after seeing it on her blog. No pics of mine quite yet.
THIS also gives a little more information on the freakn' gross, but good to know.

4.  The boys and I took a road trip this morning to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I had recently discovered that these existed during a blog lurking. Wow! It's kinda like a Goodwill, but bigger and more warehousey (not a word, I know). Tons of good stuff can be found there though, basically, anything house, for example, sinks, toilets, cabinets, trim, lights, rugs, furniture, mirrors, frames, desks, chairs, etc. I walked away with only two picture frames, but I saw many different pieces with some BetterAfter potential.

5.  Jack had his "First Shave" last week. I have this great picture of Pat doing the same when he just Jack's age, but my scanner was not cooperating tonight. Jack has already asked a couple of times if he can shave again!

6.  I'm starting to have a thing for fabrics. I don't know how to sew nor do I own a sewing machine, but I still have this thing. A sort of "love, but could turn into an obsession" sort of thing. Maybe I should buy myself a present and when my mom is here she can teach me how to use it? This would then justify this "thing" I am starting to have for fabrics.

7.  Another item on the "To Do" list (when my mom is here) is make Strawberry Freezer Jam. I absolutely L-O-V-E freezer jam. It's so yummy and so reminds me of my childhood. Local Michigan grown strawberries are already being sold like crazy around here, so I better get going with this one. 

8. Just cause......

9. I have been having a cooking rut lately! The last couple of weeks, I have felt as though I am always making the same things for dinner coupled with the fact that we are usually outside playing and taking advantage of the nice weather during the time in which I would/should be cooking dinner. Which then leaves little time to actually make something good. A cooking blog that I frequent, For the love of cooking, came to my rescue the other day and I made this because I knew Pat and the boys would gobble it right up. And they did, especially O-Man. 
Other blogs that have come to my rescue for new and yummy cooking ideas:
  1. Pat's cousin's wife, Jane's blog: See Jane Blog.....lot's of yumminess found there!

3. Coconut and Lime and today's post happens to be on freezer jam.

4. And HERE and HERE.
10. It's now way past my bedtime and I use way too many of these: !!!!!!!!


Jane said...

so I'm pretty bummed every time I read your blog, and see all your craftiness, because soooo love to do that kind of stuff and had no idea you did, until you moved away and started a blog!

fabric... is addictive! I gave all mine away right before Charlie was born to make room for toys... but I still have my sewing machine and a quilt project tucked away in the closet.. hopefully someday I can finish it.

And thanks for the props/link to my blog

Michelle said...

I'm glad that Jack finally shaved. I've been noticing he's starting to look a little scruffy!!! Too cute!