Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grand Haven

I always write about visiting the beach in South Haven and what a true joy it is spending time there. It really is! Well, in an effort to venture out and explore while my mom was visiting, we decided to hit up a new location and that was Grand Haven. We decided last minute on this adventure, so we scrambled, packed a bunch of stuff and headed out!

Our idea was not so unique as the weather was perfect that day.
Grand Haven was awesome! The beach is huge, there is a long boardwalk that leads out to the lighthouse and a super cute downtown area with lots of shops and restaurants.

                                                                                  Photo: VisitGrandHaven.com
I was hoping to walk onto the beach and it looked like this.

It was fine though as we found ourselves a little niche on the beach.

This picture was taken just as were making up our little spot on the beach. Jack was playing around and digging in the sand. He then shouted, "Oh Mommy, look at this!" as he reached down to pick up something in the sand. Next thing I hear is a loud scream and immediate crying as that "something" he picked up was a bee that stung him on the palm of his hand. I pulled out the stinger and soaked his hand in water as he proceeded to cry hysterically. We calmed him down, but the beach was just not the same for him after that! Darn bees!

Owen loved the beach that day! 
However, every now and then he liked to put his whole face in the sand! 
Unsure of why he does this, but he giggles about it.

I'm not sure why I keep applying "antique" to my beach pics...I just like it!

The lake was very wavy/choppy, so Pat had to take the boys into the water. We weren't very prepared as I didn't have my swimsuit or life jackets for the boys. So, each time he would take one of them in, the other would be pleading and begging to go back in at the same time.

The Lake Michigan Coast Guard have a post in Grand Haven. While we were on the beach that day they did a practice rescue right near where we were sitting.

O loved the helicopter! Jackers was terrified of the loud noise. 
He laid in the sand with his hands over his ears the whole time.

GiGi was there too!

And here they go out to play in the water with O trailing behind thinking, "Wait for me guys, wait for me!"

Family picture...the best it's gonna get these days.

After the beach, we headed into town for lunch and ice cream.
Trying to smile and smiling.

Smiling and not smiling.

What the....? The intensity of Jack's silly face made be instantly burst out laughing.

Which then of course, created more:

And more!

Yep, as I said before...this is the best it's gonna get!
We are tired, sweaty, sandy, sticky, full of ice cream and dirty!
But, I always like to say, those are signs of a Good Time!

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Anne Wallisch said...

AND........what a "good" time we all had!
I am blessed!