Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Pups!

The Pioneer Woman is having a show-off of dog pictures
Check it many adorable dogs!
So, I thought I would post a little photo of my doggies! 
Not nearly good enough to submit to her photo contest, but good enough for me!

Lola & Max

Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's Saturday night.
The boys are fast asleep.
We are watching the 2010 Winter Olympics, specifically bobsledding (note to self: learn more about bobsledding and curling)
We couldn't find one movie to rent from Redbox, bummer.
We still ate popcorn though!

So here are two totally unrelated Myers' boys snippets....70's style!

I feel like I just found Owen doing THIS. Now here he is walking and babbling (two words we can make out, "Hi" and "Dadda" and we think he may be saying "All done"). He has 7 teeth; 4 on top and 3 on bottom. A full head of thick, blond hair with curly ringlets in the back! His current loves are ravaging any cabinet or drawer or shelf and pulling everything out/off and throwing it on the floor, putting things in his mouth, walking and walking and walking, and oh, climbing the stairs. I think this is why at 14 months old, he is finally sleeping through the night. Pure bliss!!

And his newest adventure...Owen has learned to sit his tush down on a chair, all by himself!


I find him doing this quite often! 
Good thing he can get on and off.

Just a small, daily reminder that my O is getting big. 
He is watching his brother like a hawk and learning so much from him!

Everyone says that Jack looks just like his daddy.
I hear this all.....the......time!
Don't get me wrong, I do agree. 
Look at that blond hair, those blue eyes. Even the shape of his head!
But, you know what, Jack is just like his Momma in different ways
For example ...we have a mutual love for cheese. Any type, any form...we just love cheese.

Here Jack is eating shredded Parmesan. 
Not my first choice, but he enjoys it! 
I think he likes that it comes out of sprinkler/shaker thingy. 
Good times for a 3 year-old!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So good to be home....

I was even able to capture a Jackers smile on camera (imagine that?).


I absolutely love being back home (it will always be home with all the moving we have done), seeing family and friends. But, it is always so nice and comfy to come back to our own house. We sure do love our own pillows, bathtub toys, our morning coffee, our routines, and one thing I love the most is taking walks in our neighborhood!  Sunday was beautiful here, so we took advantage of the weather and took a long walk.  


Simple and nice.

A boy and his dog.

Well, one of his dogs! 
We have two
Jackers is really lovin' on his doggies lately. 

Enjoying some cuddles with Max.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Traveling with children on a plane......

in numbers!

2:  # of children.

1:  # of parents.

5: # of items to check, 3 bags and 2 car seats.

5: # of carry on bags....(I don't know what I was thinking?!?!).

1: # of strollers.

1: # of grandmas helping out during the check-in process.

60: # of minutes we arrived at the airport before our flight was to take-off.

2: # of seconds it took me to realize that it is spring-break season and the airport was an absolute madhouse.

45: the # of minutes we waited outside in the freezing cold to check-in curbside.

1: # of times Jack had to use the potty during those 45 minutes.

30: the # seconds it took for the curb-side attendant to tell me I couldn't check my car-seats curbside (due to the NWA/Delta merger) and I would have to go inside to do so and I was now going to miss my flight!   

0: # of signs notifying me of this change.

1: # of screaming babies due to being cold, hungry and tired.

1: # of my children running around, crawling on the floor, dancing and just plain constant moving due to total boredom with the situation and inability to sit still!

15: # of minutes it took to recheck-in on a new flight and pay for the those darn bags.

30: # of minutes we stood in line for security...thank goodness my mom stayed in line with us!

1: # of times Jack had to use the potty again during that time.

10: # of minutes it took for the boys and I to go through the actual security.

Lots: # of shoes, jackets, bags, stroller, computer, etc to take off/out and put on the rollers!

30: # of minutes to get coffee (my life-saver) and food (the boys' life-saver) and decompress before getting on the plane.

1: # of people (a very nice man) Jack talked to the entire 30 minutes we waited to board our plane.

1: # of hours the flight took

45: # of minutes Owen fussed or cried during the flight

3 : # of us SO incredibly happy to see Pat waiting for us in Chicago!

Oh, how they missed you Pat!

Talk to me about that!

That is Jack's way of asking us to tell him a story. He is doing it quite often these days, he'll say, "Momma, talk to me about that" or "Momma, tell me about that". His favorite two subjects at the moment are dinosaurs and the day he was born. This sure does get a momma tongue tied when I have to think of a creative, interesting dinosaur story on a whim. But, I have learned that it is teaching him to do the same and use his imagination. I absolutely love listening to Jack be imaginative and I am seeing it more and more the older he gets.

This morning he got into bed with Pat and I for some morning snuggling. He told us he wanted to tell us about something, so aka tell us a story. I requested for him to tell us about the day he was born, which he frowned and said, "No momma, I am going to tell you about dinosaurs".

Here is the story:

One day there was a very big T. Rex. He was walking down the street. And our family was walking down the street too. And the T. Rex ate us all up.

The end.

Okay? I would have preferred the story about Jack's birth day. He went on to tell us several dinosaur stories. It was a small moment I want to remember forever of him snuggling and telling stories!

Jack, the zookeeper. 

Thanks GiGi!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We did have fun!

We had a great time despite, you know what.

We really did!

I HEART the Minnesota Children's Museum.

I think he was possibly debating on whether or not the T. Rex was real!

See that nervous smile on his face!
I had to assure him that it was not real, "It's fake buddy, don't worry!"


A one year-old + water = never ending splashing fun

Jack was more interested in the creatures lurking around in the water.
Another sign that my first baby is growing up.





Jack Flashback! 
Same museum, same crawl-through log, same excitement in the face...different boy!
Jack at 11.5 months during his very first trip to the museum.


It takes great concentration to get those boats down the slide!
Intense face!

Owen and GiGi! 

Awww...he brought those to me!

Jack wanted to "drive" the bus so bad! 
It was so busy with kiddos wanting to do just the same.
He was surprisingly patient and got his turn!

Owen is all about exploring and discovering and  putting everything in his mouth to do so! 
He loved it there!
 After this picture was taken, it was time to go!

Here we have two exhausted little boys!
Owen was asleep before we got out of the city.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Wheels.

Owen got some new wheels.
A Christmas (oops, I typed it) present from his MiMi and PaPa.

See that smile. They make him so very happy!!!

New wheels....aka Cozy Coup.

Filler up!!!

He loves this car. Now he just needs to figure out how to move it with his feet!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Today I felt fear. A feeling of fear like I have never felt before. I was terrified. As I think back on my life, I cannot remember a time I have ever...ever been terrified. It was only for a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Although, the moment has passed and it has now been several hours since, I am still feeling the effects of it.

What happened? 

Here goes:

Dear Jack, 
Today we went to the Children's Museum. You, me, Owen and GiGi. You were so excited to see the dinosaurs and I was excited for you!  We made our way through all the different rooms and you were having such a great time. Lots of smiles. Lots of laughing. And lots of running around absorbing all that was to see and touch. I was with you and GiGi was with Owen. You both are always running in opposite directions.

I was trying not to hover (but, I probably was) while letting you fully experience the museum. However, it was super busy at the museum today, there were just a ton of kids there. LOTS of school and daycare groups. It was making me a little nervous. You have no fear. You talk to everyone, play with anyone and run from one thing to the next with no clue as to where your mommy is. As I think back, I was hovering. There were just too many kids for me not to do so.

We were all in this one room dedicated to China. We had been there for awhile when you started playing behind these curtains. I was standing right there playing peek-a-boo with you. GiGi and Owen walked up and I bent down to take Owen's picture. I then called out your name and you didn't answer. This is nothing quite often don't answer when I call your name. I looked behind the curtains and you were not there. I started calling your name and looking around the room...I could not find you and you were not answering my calls to you.

Fear. Fear shot throughout my body. Grandma and I split up to look for you and by now we were yelling your name. I couldn't find anyone museum workers to help me (convenient) and it was so busy. Now I was getting terrified. I felt nauseous and tears were welling up in my eyes. A few other mothers saw this fear and heard me yelling your name and offered to help us look for you. "What does he look like...what is he wearing?", they asked. I couldn't believe I was having this conversation! Grandma headed into the little town room and I headed to the water/bubble room. I honestly did not think I would find you there because that room was so far from where we had been.

As I was approaching the door and absolutely "freaking out" by now, it felt like hours that I had been looking for you. There you were!! THANK GOD! You did not see me yet. You were carrying a piece of paper and saying to yourself, "Mommy, I drew you a picture". I swooped you up in my arms and hugged you so tight. We went off in the corner and had a big talk about what had just happened....all of which I know you don't understand. But, you will, someday you will understand Mommy's fear. You will come to understand better what (and why) Jack can and cannot do. In the meantime, I will hover, at the right times, of course.

I love you, Jack. 

I love you more than all the bees in the hive.



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Darn You.....

Virus or Bacteria....go away! We have had enough of you around this house. You have invaded our family in November, December, January and now February!  Okay, we get it that it's winter and with winter comes sickies, colds, draining noses, coughs, and fevers. But we have had our share...and we're over it! You have brought my sweet O down hard this time! And this is hard for a Momma to see, poor little buddy! So please disappear, for good! Thank you. 

Seriously...or here comes Super Man Jack! 
FYI: The hanger, he informed me, helps him fly and push buttons?

Celebrate Boys!

February is the month of love, hearts, flowers, pink, and red...oh and Hallmark cards!
But over HERE it is Celebrate Boy Month.  
How awesome is that!
Tons of cool and cute ideas for the little boy in your life!

To my little boys:

You love to play love to play trucks, trains, pirate ships, cars, submarines, and boats (to name a few) love to tickle hide and love to jump on all the furniture or mommy and daddy's love to stomp in rain puddles and snow love finding bugs and worms (and keeping them as pets)....and interesting rocks always go in your pockets!

And in between all of that, you give your mommy and daddy (and Maxie and Lola) lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles....telling us you love us all the time! You are sweet, kind, and polite! 

I can't imagine my life without my boys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Playing in the snow: Take 2

And he likes it....Owen really, really likes it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reading with Spike

Meet Spike. He is Jack's pet dinosaur. See him there, his red head popping out from underneath Jack's blankets. Now Spike was Jack's "must-have" from Mr. Claus! Spike was always at the top of the list when Jack was asked what he wanted this year know....that day ( I am so over that day, that I don't even want to type it).

Anyway, he was absolutely thrilled to see Spike under the tree. Thrilled. Interestingly enough, I could probably count on one hand how many times he has actually played with Spike. He truly has played with my spray bottle more times and for a longer amount of time than his "must-have" Spike. But, who's counting?!?

While making dinner, one night last week, Jack decided it would be a good time to make Spike comfortable on the kitchen floor (right in front of the oven, I might add). He laid on the floor with his blankets (because "Spike is cold Momma") and read to him all about farms. Barns. Corn. Hay. Tractors. Spike was very into it. 




Friday, February 5, 2010


I have paged through this book a few times during my random trips to Target. Well, I finally bought it. I read it to Jack today for the first time.  Tears..lots of tears swelled up in my eyes upon reading it. Maybe it is the winter doldrums I have been experiencing or maybe it is just  a really touching story or maybe it is because my boys are growing (up) into little people right before my eyes...or maybe it is all of the above?

It starts with, "One day I counted your fingers and kissed each one" and ends with "Someday, a long time from now, your own hair will glow silver in the sun. And when that days comes, love, you will remember me."

See what I mean?!?

Jack gave me lots of hugs and kisses when he saw the tears. 
He told me, "Mama, you will be okay...I love you."
More tears.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Shoes

Owen got a new pair of shoes. He got his first pair of Crocs. Orange Crocs. Now I know these shoes are ugly...ridiculously ugly, bright, rubber shoes. But, they are so darn adorably cute on kiddos. And the brighter they are, the cuter they are. And Owen's new shoes are bright.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I Spy.

I spy with my little eye.
A perfect game for a 3 year-old and his daddy to play while on a 4 hour road trip. 

Pat: I spy with my little eye, a smoke stack.

Jack: Where daddy, where is the smoke stack?

Pat: Right there (as he is pointing to it).

Jack: Oh, I see it daddy.

Pat: Your turn Jack. What do you see?

Jack: I spy....aaaaa...I spy...aaaaaa...I spy aaaaaaa....a bridge. Daddy, I spy a bridge.

Pat: Good one Jack. That is a good one!

Jack: Daddy, it is your turn. What do you see? 

Pat: Let's see. I spy aaaaaaa..... 

Jack: You can do it can do it (very encouraging)! Say, "I think I can...I think I can...I think I can"! 

At this point, my heart is melting to little pieces of L-O-V-E listening to this!

Pat: I spy with my little eye a bunch of cows.

Jack: Good one daddy. Now ask me....ask me daddy!

Pat: Okay Jack, what do you spy?

They played this game for awhile and it truly never got was way too sweet to!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I found this poem recently.
It speaks to me and empathizes with the way I have been feeling! 

Woman was born to creating she becomes herself, accomplishes her destiny. Her whole life is only an initiation into creative power. To create is not merely to produce a is to give out ones own individuality."
-Jeanne De Vietinghoff