Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just a little chair redo

Okay, so do you remember this nasty little beauty I found for free at the dump? Well, I finally got around to finishing it...finally! Note to self: must muster up more motivation everyday, the same motivation that got me to complete this project aka "mom's coming to visit" motivation.

Here is what the chair looked like sitting all alone at the dump.
It was dirty, a little smelly, and it had a few cracks.
But, I just loved it..look at the details in the wood!
And I was in need of a new desk chair for my new crap craft desk area/guest room.
Oh and free...I like free.

It took lots of sanding and I mean lots. 
There was probably three coats of paint or stain under that white paint.
It then took just about two cans of black spray paint.
I also sprayed over the black paint with some gloss spray paint (name?) to give it some shine.

Jackers and I then worked as a team to pull apart the seat cushion.
I loosened the staples and he pulled them out with a pliers.
Side note: I love that he loves that kinda stuff.

There were three different fabrics to pull off. 
Look at that yellow-greenish one, so 70's. 
I think my parents had shag carpeting that same color in their house at one time?

I stapled some batting over that yellow-greenish cushion to give it some more "oomph" and then covered it with my fabric choice. Well, technically, I had originally covered it with a different, more colorful fabric, but wouldn't you know it, not 5 minutes after I did this, Mr. O-Man crawled onto it with a piece of wet chalk. Destroyed. I think it was a sign though because I like this one much better. 

Here it is...

The room the chair is in is actually a butter yellow although in these pictures it looks tan or some version of that. I love the black, white and yellow together. 

It makes me happy!

Now I just feel the need to say this.....
This project may seem super simple to many of you. Actually now that I have one under my belt, looking back, it was fairly easy. But, let me just say that I never thought I could do something like this...never. That was until I discovered all these amazingly creative bloggers out there in the world that showed me that I could and I can and I did and you can too!

I can't wait to show you what I made out of this little diddy...coming soon.


Michelle said...

I love it! Great job!

pcp said...

WOW! Beautiful!

Keefe said...

the one that jack is sitting on is definitely the same color as the shag carpet in andy's and my bedroom!!

Anne Wallisch said...

I LOVE this chair. AND, it is really beautiful in person, trust me!
Keefe - your bedroom was truly that color in the 70's as I recall.