Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just cause it's Wednesday...

And I think hats on babies are ADORABLE!!

There's the dimple!

Look at the drool! I cannot keep your shirt dry...just falls out of your mouth constantly!
Those darn top teeth are still not completely through. OUCHY! You poor sweet much pain they cause you...I promise it will be over soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Lane: Take 2

It has been raining here for the past three days. I would describe it as....dreadful. There is only so much inside time one can take, especially, one very busy Jack. Plus, we are a family who likes to make the most out of our time together. We are always on the go exploring the world around us...or at least trying to. This can also be thought of as...we are two parents always trying to think of new ways to tire out our boys!

Finally, today there was a break in the rain, in which, we packed up and headed out to Gull Meadow Farms . We first went HERE on the first weekend they opened at the beginning of September. It was such a great time for Jack, we thought we better go back before it closes for the season. It is an apple/pumpkin farm with Pumpkin Lane, which can be described as Disneyland for toddlers! It has a zip line, corn mazes, corn obstacle course, a jumping pillow pseudo train ride, wagon rides, pumpkin picking, a huge slide, etc. And what could be better than ending all of this, with a warm, homemade apple doughnut and apple cider. Yummy! 

Some of my favorite moments...that I was able to capture!

Owen hanging out..watching Jack doing the zip line. You too...soon buddy!

Waiting in line.

Daddy getting you all set we go!


Go Jack!

You were going so fast...I only was able to get this one is close-up.

This could be Jack's favorite?


I bet Disney doesn't have an Apple Chute!

The Jumping Pillow...actually, I think you said this was your favorite!

And of course...the (pseudo) Choo Choo!

Owen and I watching all the fun! Excuse my hair..this Momma does not get to wash her hair everyday! I better go do that now while everyone is sleeping!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"My Night-Night"

Jack and his "Night-Nights". Where do I begin? 

Jack has two blankets that are exactly the same. He was gifted these two blankets from two different people (one being his GeeGee) when he was born. They are blue, extremely soft (still!) and are BOTH very much needed for sleepy times, sad times, or just relaxing times! They are his comfort and security. These two blankets are his lovies or his "Night-Nights" as Jack so affectionately calls them! He snuggles them, always rubbing the satin edge between his pointer and index finger.

Here is a good example...the other morning just after Jack woke up for the day he was sitting on the couch with his "Night-Nights" draped over himself. I think he was still trying to wake up a bit, hence the stare he is giving me or he is just annoyed that I am taking his picture at 8:00 am. Probably a little of both!! And check out that bruise on his forehead! That is a constant in this little boys soon as he recovers from one, another one takes its place.


Anywho..I am not exactly sure how he came to love these two blankets so much! It slowly developed over time and when he was just over a year old, maybe 14 months, he was always asking for "Night-Nights". First we thought he was asking to go to bed..."Momma, Night-Nights!" But, then we put it all together when he would grab those blankets and just snuggle up! Oh, and his daycare provider at the time would tell us he was saying the same thing to her! 

Pat and I have talked and laughed about this and in doing so realized that when we are about to put our kids to bed for naps or nighttime we say, "Do you want to go Night-Night?" We then pick them up, grab their lovies and head up to their rooms. Jack obviously associated all these things and just assumed that is what his blankets were called..."Night-Nights". Whatever it may be...I just find this ever so precious!

Side Note: 
We have been talking about the dentist with Jack. Specifically, how when he turns 3 years old we may take a trip to visit the dentist to have his teeth checked. For fun, I bought him a Mercer Mayer book about his trip to the dentist. Point of the story, Jack now calls the dentist, the "Ventist".  He says, "Mommy please read me the Ventitst book".

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Lil' Stinker.

Here is Jack in his very first Halloween costume when he was just 10 months old. He was a skunk or as we like to say, "Lil' Stinker".

Three years later and this costume is still bringing him enjoyment while feeding his imagination. And I cannot believe it still fits!


This last one is for you Jack! You kept asking Mommy to take a picture of your skunk tail!

This Halloween you will hand down this costume to Owen. I am sure he will have just as much FUN as you. We tried the giraffe, but it wasn't quite right. Very cute, but I think the Lil' Stinker will be the Myers traditional first costume!

Oh..and when daddy asks you what you say when you go up to a house on Halloween, you tell him, "Daddy, I say Trick or Treating".

I think so too!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

On a Crisp Fall Day....

guess where we went?


You guessed it, a good ole' pumpkin patch!

Well, actually, this was not just any pumpkin patch, it was Gene's! It was big, it was orange and it was stuffed to the brim with pumpkins and gourds of every size and color.

Here are some of my favorite moments!


Jack's new thing when I ask to take his picture is to scream "Cheese". So, this is the face I get about 95% of the time! Seriously? 

Yes Owen, you are on a really big swing!


My heart melts pure L-O-V-E when I see this!

And this.

And this....even a kiss for his baby brother!?

Finding just the right one.


But wait, is that an airplane I hear? "Look Daddy, it's a jet plane!"


A couple more, I promise.

Although, this one is not in focus, I just love how Owen looks like he is hysterically laughing at his brother! Oh, and there is the "Cheese Face" again!

And again!

And for pure enjoyment because it makes this momma laugh. A close up of "Cheese Smile" and a double dimple, double tooth smile!

I think my heart is melting again!