Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Is it wrong of me to use these as rewards for Jack when he uses the potty and as positive reinforcements for his good behavior?

Good news is they're working!

Jackers Time!

One morning last week while Owen was napping, Jack and I had some time for just the two of us. I sure do miss that time and I know Jack does too! Pat and I think that sometimes he gets a little naughty and/or sad because he craves the attention just on him and misses us. It had been that way for 2 years so it is just an adjustment. We have been trying to have special alone time with him more often. I definitely think this has helped plus it is great for Pat and I.  Anyway, I digress! 

This particular morning we played in our backyard. What a joy he was!

We played in the dirt.


Climbed trees.


Played soccer.

Acted silly.

Posed for a picture!


I am so lucky to be your Mommy! I love you Jack...to the moon and back!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hand Me Downs!

It has been getting chilly at night around these parts. I decided to pull out some of Jack's old fleece pj's for Owen. Seeing Owen wearing the pj's made this Momma get very sentimental. So, I went looking for a picture of Jack wearing them. Upon finding one, this Momma got a little lump in the back of her throat and small tears welled up in her eyes! Slow down time...you are going way too fast!

Owen 8.5 months (18 month old jammies!)

Jack 12 months...same jammies.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Glimpses of Brotherly Love!

Owen eating carrots.

Jack feeding Owen carrots.

Owen looking like he is not so sure about this?!

Actually, this might be fun....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

He is now Vertical!

I saw him watching Jack....I saw him thinking about it....I even saw him attempt it a few times. Then just the other night after his bath, he went for it.....

Owen was watching Pat and Jack wash the cars. Jack may have even been trying to spray Owen with water from the hose!

I thought, "Oh, what a cutie!"......until I saw this a few days later,

Look at that gummy smile!

Oopsy Daisy! Owen fell, but he still smiling and showing off his new tooth!

 And he pops right back up!

When I walked into Owen's room to get him after his nap, I never expected to see this. I just starting laughing, oohing/ahhing and of course, ran to get my camera. I do think it is amazing when you see your child learn a new skill and I do want him to perfect this skill, but in the meantime....Ugh!

It is truly ALL he wants to do! I read somewhere that when a baby learns a new skill (ex. rolling, crawling, standing) it can change their sleeping habits because they want to be working on this skill and it is fun for them to do so! BUT, for a baby (Owen) who is still creating those (good) sleeping habits, it is just another distraction/inhibitor. Come on O...Mommy and Daddy just want an 8-10 hour stretch..please! You can do all the standing you want...when the sun is UP!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Love Fall!

I LOVE Fall! It is my favorite season....September, October and November (before it gets too cold, Brrr) have got to be my favorite months...just the best time of the year! I love the leaves changing, the crispness in the air, apples, squash, anything pumpkin (yummo...Pumpkin Lattes), Mums, corn stalks, apple farms, cooking meals like chilli and pot roast, etc. I could go on and on, seriously!

We took the boys to an apple farm for the first time this season. Although, it was a bit too hot yet for fully experiencing the fall season in an apple farm (does that make sense?), we still had a blast!

Just over 3 feet tall.

Tractor Choo-Choo...Jack did this 3 times. Not nearly enough if it was up to him!


Which reminded me of this picture........

Ahh, he was just 11 months old here. He had just learned to walk the week before and he was practicing his new skill all over the Children's Museum. Jack is growing up so fast. He will be 3 years old in just a few months. My baby is truly turning into a little boy.

MiMi & PaPa Visit!

Pat's parents, who Jack, affectionately calls MiMi & PaPa, came for a visit last weekend! They made the drive from Wisconsin, which is not a quick one, and we are so happy and grateful that they did. It was absolutely wonderful to have them here for a visit. Jack absolutely adores them and truly cannot get enough of them! He loves his PaPa playing choo-choo's and trucks with him and he loves his MiMi snuggling him, playing on his swing set and exploring the yard. 

We sure were busy! We filled 3 days with playing outside, going for walks, doing a little landscaping around our house, going to the park, doing a little shopping...and of course, we took them South Haven! Where else! Okay..so I know this will be the fourth post with pictures from South Haven. We just had to show it off to them..we knew they would love it too. Plus, we had to get our beach fix in..the seasons are a chang'n!


Thanks again for visiting us....we miss you already!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What we have been working on.....

for about the last 12 months!


And I would say, Jack is just finally getting it! We have made some major progress over the past 2 weeks, including outings to Target and the park wearing "big boy underwear" with NO accidents! It has definitely turned into a team effort with Jack finally agreeing to part our team.  I do think he is about 80% involved at this point so we still have some work to do. But, I am still so proud of the little guy! Stickers, new trucks and the "potty dance" Pat and I do after he goes seem to motivate him..so we are going with it! I feel that potty training has to be one of the hardest "Mommy Duties" I have yet to be assigned, so to see this progress makes me so unbelievably overjoyed! Yeah..Jack!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Pat and I ran in our first ever 5 k run this past weekend! Running is something that I have always wanted to do more of and get better at. We signed up for the Grape Lake 5k in Paw Paw, MI as a starting point and motivator. We did it! It was great and we will definitely do one again. Or maybe other types of running competitions...Did you say Triathalon, Patrick?
There are so many things that I would like to do or talk all the time about doing. Now that I am 30,  I am so motivated to start checking them off my list!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eight Months!

My O, you are 8 months old! You are the happiest baby, constantly flashing your big, double dimple smile! And I am not just saying this because I am your Momma, honestly, people are always asking me, "Is he always this happy?" YES, you are!

You are almost crawling, I have seen you do it. But, the army crawl that you have perfected gets you to where your going faster. You sit up on your own for only a few minutes because you would much rather be on your belly moving about. You can pick up little bits of food and feed yourself. You love it when I sing to you..it instantly calms you..especially, when I sing the "Apples and Cherries" song. You have one tooth on your bottom left side and oh, how it has given you pain :( Your brother makes you smile and laugh like no other.... a deep belly laugh that makes my heart melt...I see your relationship blossoming every day! I also see that you look up to him already, you more and more want to play with him and his toys. You love your giraffe blankie that Daddy calls your "Binkie Boo". You need it draped over your face while you drink your bottle and you cuddle it while you sleep.

You are in the middle of your first cold, another painful experience for you. You have a stuffy nose and you are congested in your chest. This has made sleeping difficult for you over the past few nights, but as soon as you see one of us...you flash that priceless smile and all doesn't seem so bad!

I love you my sweet, sweet baby O!