Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preschool: Last and First

Jack had his last day of preschool...last day of preschool ever. Typing this, thinking about this and looking at this picture of him on his last day may just make my throat swell up with emotion. Just when I think I'm okay with Jack growing up and becoming a big boy then I get hit smack upside the head with the fact that Jack is growing up, becoming a big boy and he is no longer my baby.

I thought I was completely accepting and excited for Jack to graduate from Preschool and begin preparations for Kindergarten. This last week as we counted down the last three days of Preschool, I was excited for him, but just not accepting of the whole situation. During his graduation ceremony, good thing I was wearing sunglasses and another mom brought a big roll of toilet paper because I needed both for my tears. 

Anyway, beyond my Momma weepiness, Jack had a great year in preschool and he is more than ready to begin Kindergarten in the Fall and even more ready than that to have summer vacation. I'm so proud of my Jackers in all that he has learned and accomplished this year as well as the good friend he was to classmates and the big boy he has become in our family.

 I definitely see more of a baby face in Jack on his first day of preschool back in September.

Okay, I need to close this up because my throat is starting to swell again.

So, I will end with this...

I'm going to enjoy and eat up every moment of having Jack all to myself for the next three months before I send him off to Kindergarten.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

As I perused Pinterest in search of ideas for Teacher Appreciation week, I came across this (no direct link to original source) and was drawn to the color pencil flower vase. Now, this was before Adelyn's arrival when I was checking things off my list(s) like a crazy woman and trying to keep myself uber-busy as to not dwell on still being pregnant (40 weeks and counting)

Most importantly though, I just wanted to do a little something special for Jack's teachers because they are so great and they deserve it!

As the school year comes to a close, this could also be used given as an end of the year gift for that special teacher in your life!

I'm not reinventing the wheel here...just a cute little project (that you can find all over Pinterest) that I thought I would share.

Vase (dollar store)
Color Pencils (dollar store...2 packs/vase)
Glue Gun 
(these were flowers I had around my house...we bought fresh flowers on our way to school)

This took me maybe 30 minutes to make two vases. 
Such a simple, fun and (could be) last minute gift idea.
And who doesn't like to get flowers?

My Munchkins As Newborns

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


three kiddos in the tub.

Adelyn joined in on her brother's nightly bath time ritual. I was all prepared for her to fuss and cry in dislike of the whole experience, but this was not the case at all. She seemed to love it and cried only when we took her out to dry off (brrr). I shouldn't have been so surprised. 
After all, she was born in the water.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Addy is only one week old and she has already been to Tarjay with her Momma three times. I'm not sure what to say about this...
I may have perused the itty-bitty girl's clothing section each time, sneaking in a few adorable items each time.  I'm eating this up obviously.

Owen is absolutely in love with his baby sister. He asks to hold her every chance he gets and I find him giving her kisses and holding her hand quite often. Owen has not gotten her name 100% figured out yet (he forgets), so he calls her baby and baby sissy.

Thank goodness for the camera on my phone as I haven't found a chance to take any pictures with DSLR in two days.

Although we have our hectic moments with now having three children, all-in-all, we seem to be doing pretty good. Pat goes back to work on Wednesday though, so my tude my change. May change? I know it will change. Funny story....walking around at the farmers market on Sunday, Jack was on Pat's shoulders, I was wearing Addy in the baby carrier and Owen was throwing a crying tantrum because he wanted to be on Pat's shoulders. A man walked by, smiled at us and said, "Oh the joys of parenthood!". 

They sure are and I wouldn't change a thing!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I think I received one of the best Mother's Day presents a Momma could ask for......

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm pretty sure....

I could take pictures of her all day long.
Especially when she smiles (aka...dreaming or gas) at me. And especially when I get to discover that she has a dimple just like her brother, Owen. And especially when she wears this adorable hat.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Myers Five

We are now officially a family of five with the addition of our beautiful and scrumptious daughter, 
Adelyn Elise.

She arrived yesterday morning after a fairly quick labor and delivery.

We are so in love!

Now I have to get back to staring at her.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The one about an emergency room visit.

The boys were wrestling before bed last night. 
Wrestling is a common activity in this household. What can I say....boys

Actually, Owen was 100% instigating it with his big brother in a very playful way. As I was gathering up their stuff for bed and saying things like , "be careful boys", I heard a scream and immediate (hysterical) crying from Owen. This was quickly followed up by Jack saying, "Mommy, it was an accident". These are never a good sign. 

To make a long story short, in the midst of the wrestling, Jack accidently poked Owen in the eye. And by a poke, I mean three scratches straight across his cornea.  He seemed to quickly recover, but then every 15 minutes following, he would start crying in pain. Inconsolable pain. The only way to calm him down was to sing Puff the Magic Dragon in it's entirety. He even whimpered along, word for word. It was so sweet despite the situation.
After about four hours of this and little sleep for the three of us, I decided it was time for an emergency room visit. I just felt so awful for O-Bubs and I needed to rule out the idea in my mind that it was "something worse". So, at 1:00 am, we headed to the ER, where it was confirmed that Owen indeed had scratches across cornea. I myself have never experienced this, but it causes excruciating pain. There was nothing they could for him at the hospital (it just has to heal on it's own in a few days), but the loads of stickers and new Beanie Baby seemed to butter him up and made him feel a little better for the night. And his Momma had some peace of mind.

Thankfully, he was on the mend all day today. 

I tell's always something

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Masterpiece...

in his Momma's eyes.
Owen has been working hard at learning to write his name. He had the "O" perfected rather quickly, but the other three letters of his name have been a work in progress. This is where he is at so far. I find him practicing quite often, for example, on the driveway, on our chalkboard and our cardboard box clubhouse. We have some work to do, but I couldn't be prouder of my O-Bub!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Random Six

1. I'm still pregnant. 40 weeks. Unbelievable.

2.  The weather here today was beautiful. 80 degrees and sunny.

We took full advantage...oh yes we did!

3. We even ended the night with our first trip of the season to Nelson's. A child's size cup is literally four huge scoops of ice cream. Needless to say, the boys shared and so did we.

4. We worked on two projects this weekend.

Project Nicole
 Step 1:

Step 2:

Project Pat (for Nicole!)
*absolutely no natural light in this space..did the best I could*
 Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Our front loader washer and dryer have been on the floor of our laundry room for the past year. This means I have been doing the laundry either bent over or on my hands and knees for the past year. Ouch...serious ouch! This was a dilemma that needed to be fixed and fixed pronto! This washer/dryer built-in cabinet was my inspiration and this plan was Pat's blue print to making it. We are still working on adding the trim, painting it and finding the right sized laundry baskets for underneath (bonus: laundry organization) so we are about 75% done. I'm absolutely loving being able to stand up straight to do the laundry. Oh the simple things in life!

More about this when it is 100% completed.

5. My mom and I took the boys to see Chimpanzee. It was such a great movie. This little chimpanzee named Oscar is just the cutest and he will be sure to pull at heartstrings when he loses his Momma. It all ends good. Although at the end of the movie, Jack told me, "Momma, I definitely never, ever want to be a chimpanzee". No worries there bud!

6. And one more thing...this is beautiful.