Friday, June 25, 2010

A MUST make!

Right now, Owen is fussing because I'm not holding him and Jackers is singing and dancing to Raffi and trying to distract his brother from crying and wanting his Momma. Right now, I should be packing up the car for my 2-week excursion, I should be running to Target for my last minute items, I should be picking up the 65 random toy parts laying around my house, I should be making beds, putting clothes away and cleaning up my kitchen. Plus a few more things I could probably think of!

But, I just have to share this recipe I found for Strawberry Salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.

We made it yesterday for an afternoon snack. It is just delicious! It was very refreshing and healthy and just yummy-goody different. I was also thinking that if you don't have time to make the chips, a good alternative would be Stacy's Cinnamon-Sugar Pita Chips. Equally as deeelish!

You will LOVE me!

And because I can't seem to have a post without are the boys eating this snack right up!!!

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