Friday, April 30, 2010

Laundry, it's never-ending!

Do you ever feel as though you're constantly doing laundry? Do you ever feel that as soon as you finish 5 bazillion loads, fold and put the clothes away, that the 5 bazillion loads immediately start all over again? Please say you will make me feel better! 

Because, this is how I constantly feel!

Here is the classic sign in our house that someone is slacking in their laundry duties:

Nope, not the overflowing basket of clothes, towels and bedsheets. That's way too obvious!

It's Lola, one of my pooches, who has made a nice little bed for herself right on top!

You know what? She truly has been laying there like a big, flashing red light screaming 'fold these and put them away'. 

Good thing Pat took care of that!  Because, like I said, it all starts over tomorrow! 

Good grief!

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