Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Popsicles and Hail.

Everyday between the times of 3:00 -4:00 pm (if the sun is shinning!), we hear the following song streaming through our windows!

All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought it was all in good fun, POP goes the weasel!!

Jack has just figured out (good and bad!) that it is the ice cream truck driving through our neighborhood that is playing the song. Oh no! Yesterday, we took advantage and bought ourselves some yummy popsicles. I may have started something, remember, Pavlov's dog. Oh well, summer is all about ice cream and popsicles, right?

I just wanted one picture and this is what I got!


Me: Okay, get close to your brother...hug him!
Owen: This is mine!

Me: Are you enjoying your treats? Smiles? Please?
Owen: Seriously...this is mine, stay away!

Me: Finally! Thanks O!
Owen: Oh, I see..he has his own!
Jack: I'm busy with my popsicle!

Me: Let's try and sit for a picture. Boys, snuggle in!
Jack: I'm too busy with my popsicle. This is goo-ood!
Owen: I'll smile for you Momma.

Me: Over here Jack!
Jack: Too busy.
Owen: I'll smile for you Momma!

Owen: I'm over it Momma. My hand is cold and my popsicle is melting.
Me: Is that a smile Jack?
Jack: Nope.

Jack: Nope, just taking a lick break. 
Owen: Yum-mmeee
Me: Okay, kiddos, that's enough torture for 2 minutes. Let's go outside.

Later on this same night, at just about midnight, we awoke to a terrible storm brewing. Within 10 minutes of it starting and just seconds to getting our car into the garage this poured down on us:

Pea-size hail! Yikes!

The first things that crossed my mind when the storm started was the boys. 
Number 1: Will the boys wake up? Will they be scared?
Number 2: Will they be able to fall back asleep?
And do you want to know what? I needn't worry because neither of them stirred one bit! Figures.

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Anne Wallisch said...

Yummy popsicles........in your day, we always had "push-up" pops, every color of the rainbow. Of course, they cost about 2 cents a piece. I couldn't get your brothers to stop eating them (5 at a time)!
Thanks for these great pics!