Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's finished...finally!

Yeah...Yipeee...Thank Goodness! 
It's's done!
It's definitely not perfect, but it's cute and I like it.
Oh and did I say, it's done!

I bought this bench about 3 years ago in the Global Bazaar (no longer exists) section of Target!!  It was super cheap, I can't remember exactly how much, but I do remember it was like 75% off. When I bought this bench, I always intended on giving it a DIY transformation.Well, two (state) moves and two babies later and this darn thing is still staring at me in all it's ugliness! 


A couple of weeks ago, I decided I couldn't take it anymore! Well, what I really thought was, "I can do this..I hard can it be..perfect first DIY redo project." That's what I love about all these amazing blogs I have been reading, they have given me the confidence to just go for it! And that is just what I did, I went for it!

I took the bench all apart. 
Sanded, primed and spray painted it an antique white. 
This process took me awhile, longer than I would have liked.
I first missed the primer step and so I had to go back and start all over.
Then I attempted a distressed look on the wood. 
Well, that didn't look so good, so again I had to start over.
By the way, what a messy garage?!?

Today, during the boys nap/rest time, Pat helped me add this fabric, that I love, to the bench.
Thank goodness I did this when he was around, it was definitely a two-man job. 
He helped me during the Master's  and there were zero complaints. 
I think he actually enjoyed the whole process.  Yay, he's a good guy!
Let me just say, that this was the absolute hardest part of the bench redo. 
Lots of pulling, tugging, straightening, stapling, trimming and huffing and puffing!
But, we made it through and.......



Jane said...

he helped you during the master's??? wow!!

Looks great!

Anne Wallisch said...

Holy Moly Nicole.........I love it!
The fabric is just awesome...and a helpmate during the Master's - WHAT A GUY! (I wouldn't have wanted to watch Tiger either - Mickelson - YES!)
Congrats on your superb effort.