Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And the saga continues.....

The 'nap/no nap' saga. Ahhh....these are the days of my life. 

Here is this day. 

I tell Jack he doesn't have to nap, but he has to have one hour of quiet time in his room. I tell him he can play with his cars or dinosaurs or his chalkboard or he can read his books, but he must be quiet and the door has to be closed. Well, within 15 minutes of leaving him, it was oddly (too) quiet so I went to check on him. I found Jack in the exact same place I left him and sound asleep!

My little man sound asleep holding his blankies with his dinos watching over him. 
Melts my heart.

This 'nap/no nap' has been an adjustment for me. I am a very routine oriented Mama, so I would just prefer that his little body pick one, either way! However, this is not the case, so this has inevitably become the new routine. I'm okay...most days! 

I know that soon these days of my Jackers being caught between these two worlds will come to an end. I know that soon he won't need his blankies anymore. I know that soon he won't care to play with his dinosaurs or cars or his chalkboard and he won't need his Mama to read to him. And when this all happens, I will long for this day and miss it so! Makes me a little emotional just thinking about it.

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Anne Wallisch said...

You hold these days dear to your heart Momma, they fade all to fast turning into yet another"boy adventure"!
And don't worry,the angels are always there for the safety factor!