Monday, April 26, 2010


These two boys love it...they are slightly obsessed.
As the weather gets warmer, I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of this.

Owen going in for a taste!

Ohhh...but, it's so cold!

Actually, really cold!

Ahhhhh! But he likes it...he really like it!

O debates.....should I go in for more?

Of course he does!

Jack enjoys making lakes in his sandbox with water.

But then decides he needs to join O's water drinking party!

If he I said, Owen is obsessed!

Watching him makes us all just laugh!

After a little diversion, we get Owen away from the water spigot.

Jackers goes in for a drink!

And when there is water around, these two run and hide! 

Max is conveniently under the chair.

But, Lola....oh Lola!
Lola is currently obsessed herself.  
She is obsessed with a bunny nest located just on the other side of our fence. 
Lola is too busy to worry about the water because she is devising a plan of how to hightail it out of our yard and straight to those bunnies.
She's got a lot of work to do!


Anne Wallisch said...

OMG............this is so sweet!
Nothing, and I mean nothing, can keep kids away from water!

Natalie Catherine said...

i LOVE your white fence! this is my dream.