Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are you wondering why.....

Owen is making this scary silly face?
Come on, I know you are!!

Just yesterday, Owen had his first taste of a Macintosh apple.

The apple was so yummy, soft and sweet.
Just the perfect afternoon snack for little O.

He may have eaten the entire apple if I had let him.

He was a yummy mess! 
O looked delicious eating that apple.

And then these two showed up!
Hence the face! 
At 15 months old, Owen already knows these two are scavengers!!
I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "this apple is MINE".

But, he decides to share with the doggies...he always does.
Hence, why they are scavengers!

And sharing is always more fun!

1 comment:

Anne Wallisch said...

Oh my little Boo-Boo! What a great "apple-treat" episode!
Keep this coming.