Friday, April 2, 2010

Five on Friday.

Yes, it is Friday, there is 2.5 hours left. We have been busy these last couple of days soaking up every minute of the sun possible. It is probably one of my greatest joys to watch my boys play outside, whether it be riding bikes, making sand castles, swinging or just discovering all of the neat things (rocks & bugs) nature has to offer. It's absolutely wonderful. You know what is equally as wonderful? When my boys are so tired from playing outside that they then fall asleep instantly at night. Absolutely wonderful!

1. I have been shopping around for artwork for our master bedroom, and it has been difficult to find 'just the right' piece. It's hard to commit to artwork when you move as much as we do because every time we move, we decorate our bedroom completely different. However, then I saw this stencil canvas tutorial and I thought, 'this is it'. I loved the idea of creating my own original artwork and for seriously super cheap! I have also been wanting to incorporate the color yellow into our room and then I saw THIS.  Perfect. Here's what I came up with!

2 pack of 16 x 20 canvases - $5.99 at Michael's
1 acrylic yellow paint - $2.00
1 Stencil - 16.99 at 40% off at Hobby Lobby - 10.00

Total cost- roughly $18.00 + Time-maybe 30 minutes = I Like!

 2. My extremely creative friend Michelle introduced me to Knock off Wood. It's brilliant...just brilliant! Last weekend, we made our first project. Well, let's just say we worked as a team. I bought all the wood, Pat built it and then I painted it. Pretty hilarious thinking about it. I went to Lowe's with both boys in the double stroller to buy my wood...I think they took pity on me because they were ever so helpful and cut all of my wood down to the exact sizes I needed! Long story, but it was so nice and it took time off of our building process. Anyway, we decided for our first project we would build a kid's picnic table.

 Cute, right?
Wood-about $18.00
Paint-$8.00 (which left plenty to use for other projects)
Total - about $25.00

 The boys love it!
Well, Jack sits at the table for projects and snacks and Owen just wants to crawl on it! 
To be honest, I was nervous to do this. Could we really make a table? But you know what? It was pretty easy and actually very fun for Pat and I to do together. We are officially hooked and currently scheming ideas for our next project!

3.  I really, really, really want to try freezer paper stenciling to make the boys some cute, new shirts. Anyone with me?

4. We decorated Easter eggs today with Jack for the first time! Ugh! I had such high hopes for my 3 year-old little boy in decorating eggs with me! I think a little too high.

Jack loved to color the water.

He even loved to dip and swirl the eggs in the water.

But, as far as decorating the eggs, that's where his interest dwindled.
He was only a fan of the glitter glue (of course), the puff balls and the googly eyes.

Jack's creations...hmmm, interesting!

He then squeezed one of the eggs until it cracked and then informed me, "Oops, Momma, I think the eggs are ready to hatch". So, three eggs later and we have this:

Jack may have had more fun peeling the eggs then anything else!
At least he had fun!

And at least it brought out our inner child!?

There's always next year!

5. This makes me smile.

This too!

And this!

One more...and this!



Anne Wallisch said...

I can't stand it...........this is so cute! AND, I love the eggs with the felt letters. AND, you grass! WOW, how awesome.

Anne Wallisch said... probably don't remember having to wear your SuperMan clothing everywhere at 3 yrs old!
Jack is following in his Uncle Keefe's footsteps.

Keefe said...

is that a beer in the stroller? You should take some pictures of your double-wide for us! hahha