Friday, April 16, 2010

Mode of Transportation

I hope I don't live to regret Jack's new mode of transportation!?

But look at that face! Priceless!
Also, I do realize that Jack's helmet does not fit him properly as it is practically falling off.
Child helmets, of what I have found so far, either come in size 3 or size 5. 
One is too small and one is obviously too big! What's a mother to do?

Just like I am currently regretting my mode of transportation!

You know you are a mother, when not only do you drive a van (currently reevaluating this), but you drive this van around town doing errands with a disgusting diaper on top! 
Oh yes, I did this for two days. 
I only realized the diaper was still on top of my van by seeing it in the mirror as I drove through the car wash today.
 Yuck...thank you car wash!!

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Anne Wallisch said...

That smile is worth one thousand words.............ENJOY!