Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time Outs = Funny Moments

Jack had an interesting "listening" day...let's just say he was using selective hearing when it came to his Momma's voice!

Incident #1: You wanted to talk to "Neighborhood Kristy" (as you call her), our neighbor right next door. So, we were out talking to her, when you decided to take off running to our backyard neighbors and into a vacant lot..with no shoes on. Momma was holding Owen, who was about to "go nuclear" as your Daddy calls it...he was very hungry and getting pretty cranky about it. Mommy called your name a couple of times and even gave you the good ole countdown to come back to her, but you simply ignored me. I went to get you and whispered in your ear that you "were in big trouble". As we walked back to the house and past "Neighborhood Kristy" you said, "Kristy, I have to go in, My Mommy says I am in big trouble."

Incident #2: Tonight we were having an NFL draft party at our house. So, Mommy was trying to get ready for this event while trying to get you and Owen dressed and fed. I was rushing you to get dressed and you were hiding AGAIN...you like this a lot and do it quite often. After mommy asked you several times to help her, listen to her, get dressed, let Mommy help you get dressed..NOPE..you were still hiding. Mommy's patience was fading (it was 5:00 pm)..so she had you sit in a TO for a bit..so everyone to calm and recollect thoughts (nice way to put it..HA!) After a few minutes..I asked you why Mommy did this...you himmed and you hawed ..and said, "Mommy, acause..Mommy, acause...Mommy, acause". "Mommy, what did Jack do?"

Mommy, burst out laughing...cause honestly, I couldn't remember either!

Love ya, Buddy...NO MATTER WHAT!

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