Monday, September 7, 2009

Look Who Came to Visit!!

Cuzzies....Ty and Frankie!

Oh, what fun we had! Uncle Bausch, Auntie Kady, Ty and Frankie came to visit for the weekend. Jack and Ty get so excited to see each other and play. And they LOVE to play with their "choo-choo's, trucks and planes". Because of their (and Uncle Bausch) love of planes , we decided to check out the Air Zoo. They of course loved every minute of it! Jack and Ty ran around looking at all the planes, went on a hot air balloon ride with their daddies and watched their parents go on some zero gravity rides that made us all a little sick. pics...I forgot my camera.

One night we took a walk down to the neighborhood tire swing. What could be better than popsicles in hand swinging on a tire?!

Frankie and Owen were content just watching their big brothers!

We played a lot, laughed a lot and got all caught up on life. Thanks Bauschelt's for making the trek to Michigan! We had a wonderful time!

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awal said...

I love these pics..........I'm jealous that I wasn't with all of you.