Saturday, September 19, 2009

MiMi & PaPa Visit!

Pat's parents, who Jack, affectionately calls MiMi & PaPa, came for a visit last weekend! They made the drive from Wisconsin, which is not a quick one, and we are so happy and grateful that they did. It was absolutely wonderful to have them here for a visit. Jack absolutely adores them and truly cannot get enough of them! He loves his PaPa playing choo-choo's and trucks with him and he loves his MiMi snuggling him, playing on his swing set and exploring the yard. 

We sure were busy! We filled 3 days with playing outside, going for walks, doing a little landscaping around our house, going to the park, doing a little shopping...and of course, we took them South Haven! Where else! I know this will be the fourth post with pictures from South Haven. We just had to show it off to them..we knew they would love it too. Plus, we had to get our beach fix in..the seasons are a chang'n!


Thanks again for visiting us....we miss you already!

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awal said...

These are such beautiful pics I can't stand it.............