Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jackers Time!

One morning last week while Owen was napping, Jack and I had some time for just the two of us. I sure do miss that time and I know Jack does too! Pat and I think that sometimes he gets a little naughty and/or sad because he craves the attention just on him and misses us. It had been that way for 2 years so it is just an adjustment. We have been trying to have special alone time with him more often. I definitely think this has helped plus it is great for Pat and I.  Anyway, I digress! 

This particular morning we played in our backyard. What a joy he was!

We played in the dirt.


Climbed trees.


Played soccer.

Acted silly.

Posed for a picture!


I am so lucky to be your Mommy! I love you Jack...to the moon and back!

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