Sunday, September 13, 2009

August Trip Home!

I have been meaning to post about this for about a week. However, it has been a little hairy around the Myers house. We have an 8 month old..who has yet to sleep consistently through the night...start to get his first two teeth. It has been painful..extremely painful....for his Mommy and Daddy. Oh..and did I say Owen...yes, Owen too! Just when we thought we were making headway with his sleeping, those darn teeth decided to show up. It's taken a full week for the first (bottom Left) to break its way through his gums!! And the second is hopefully shortly behind...please, Dear God...shortly behind!

Pat had to go back to Minneapolis for work, so we decided to all go back home for the week where we stayed with GG. Love staying with GG! We packed that week full.....

1. Teddy Bear Park


2. Played with Chase
Picture by Chase's Mommy, Michelle
Chase and Jack have been friends since they were about 6-7 months old...and now here they are going on 3 years-old! They are both 150% BOY...they have so much fun together. This visit started out with big hugs...went to playing trucks...playing in the sandbox..riding on the Gator..and somewhere along the line, naked swimming and then back in the sandbox..naked, of course. Now that we moved to MI...we miss them tons! As Michelle, who is one awesome Mommy, says in her is just nice to have a friend.."who just gets it"!
3. Fawndoerosa
Chase's Momma, Michelle, gave me the great idea of taking the boys here.
When she told me about this place...I thought I no idea what it was. That was until we pulled up to the entrance and walked into the little shop to buy our passes...then memories of being there as a child all came back to me! I completely remembered going to Fawndoerosa with my family when I was a little girl...great place. Jack LOVED say the very least! He ran around the grounds with pure excitement on his face the entire time. He screamed every time he saw a new animal..."Mommy, the llama is my favorite".."Mommy, the piggy is my favorite"..."Mommy, the rooster is my favorite".

He looks like he is going to cry, he is so excited to see some lambs.

O always along for the ride!

Llama...Mommy favorite!

The Rooster, Jack's absolute favorite!
4.  Dinner with Kim, Reece, Emmy, Bryce and Grandma Barb (who Jack LOVED!!). Oh...and of course, Lily.

5. Chillin at GG's in our Jammies
Well..that is just a preview of all the things we did while on our trip home! It was so great and we were all so sad to leave! Boo..Michigan! Cannot wait until we get to move back!

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