Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What we have been working on.....

for about the last 12 months!


And I would say, Jack is just finally getting it! We have made some major progress over the past 2 weeks, including outings to Target and the park wearing "big boy underwear" with NO accidents! It has definitely turned into a team effort with Jack finally agreeing to part our team.  I do think he is about 80% involved at this point so we still have some work to do. But, I am still so proud of the little guy! Stickers, new trucks and the "potty dance" Pat and I do after he goes seem to motivate we are going with it! I feel that potty training has to be one of the hardest "Mommy Duties" I have yet to be assigned, so to see this progress makes me so unbelievably overjoyed! Yeah..Jack!!

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