Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Date Night: South Haven III

Shortly after the birth of Owen, Pat and I established "Date Night" as a way to stay connected in the craziness/busyness of having two kiddos! We found a great babysitter for the boys who we and they adore! Every week, we religiously go on a date and it truly has been so great for us! Well, one particular night, our babysitter was unavailable so we decided to make it "Family Night". We headed to South Haven (again!) for a picnic and swimming!

I absolutely LOVE watching Jack swim and run all over the beach! He laughs that deep belly laugh that just makes my heart melt and puts a HUGE smile on my face!

And O hanging out on the beach! He was fascinated with the feeling of sand, he was digging his toes and fingers through it.

Pat and Owen..ahhh..I'm in love!

Taking (trying to take) a photograph of a 2.5 year old and a 7 month old is so difficult, especially when there is sand to play with.

Look at Mommy...over here...OMG, "What's this?"...Look...nope!

OMG..Mommy has some M&M's..want some M&M's, a donut, a cookie..Nope!

Is there a birdie on Mommy's head? Nope!

Please..just look right here guys..real picture..NOPE!

Oh well..we still had a great time!

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