Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jack says the funniest things!

This is Pat and I am now taking my turn writing on our families blog. I love this idea that Nicole had, to capture all of the small, memorable things that happen with both of our boys each and every day.
So there is no doubt that Jack is impressionable! Nicole and I constantly have to remember what we say because he picks up on everything.

Case in point...tonight I was putting Jack to bed and after reading to him a couple of his favorite books, he and I started the nightly ritual of settling down. Part of this process always involves telling Jack a couple of times to put his head on the pillow and close his eyes. Up until tonight, Jack usually will eventually do this but tonight he said something hilarious that caught me completely off guard. When I told him for the first time tonight, "Jack, it's time to put your head on the pillow and close your eyes" he looked at me and said, "Daddy I am sick of this". Not knowing what to say, I rolled over and laughed and then turned back to Jack and told him that he was too young to be sick of anything. Absolutely hilarious.

Another funny story happened a couple of nights ago. Jack woke up around 5AM wanting Nicole or I. I went into his room and he asked me to lay with him, which I did. As I crawled into bed with him, I asked him "what's wrong buddy" Jack doesn't quite say Daddy just lay with me but says a version of that ...."Daddy, lay you". So I snuggled in next to him and put my head down on the pillow and put my right arm on his back and my left arm under his pillow. Now, understand that he really want me to lay with him but as soon as I got myself comfortable he, with his back to me, told me to take my arm off of his pillow and not to touch him. Now I thought I was doing my little buddy a service by laying with him but I guess I learned that I can only do it on his terms!!

I love that little guy.

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