Sunday, September 20, 2009

He is now Vertical!

I saw him watching Jack....I saw him thinking about it....I even saw him attempt it a few times. Then just the other night after his bath, he went for it.....

Owen was watching Pat and Jack wash the cars. Jack may have even been trying to spray Owen with water from the hose!

I thought, "Oh, what a cutie!"......until I saw this a few days later,

Look at that gummy smile!

Oopsy Daisy! Owen fell, but he still smiling and showing off his new tooth!

 And he pops right back up!

When I walked into Owen's room to get him after his nap, I never expected to see this. I just starting laughing, oohing/ahhing and of course, ran to get my camera. I do think it is amazing when you see your child learn a new skill and I do want him to perfect this skill, but in the meantime....Ugh!

It is truly ALL he wants to do! I read somewhere that when a baby learns a new skill (ex. rolling, crawling, standing) it can change their sleeping habits because they want to be working on this skill and it is fun for them to do so! BUT, for a baby (Owen) who is still creating those (good) sleeping habits, it is just another distraction/inhibitor. Come on O...Mommy and Daddy just want an 8-10 hour stretch..please! You can do all the standing you want...when the sun is UP!

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