Monday, September 14, 2009

Eight Months!

My O, you are 8 months old! You are the happiest baby, constantly flashing your big, double dimple smile! And I am not just saying this because I am your Momma, honestly, people are always asking me, "Is he always this happy?" YES, you are!

You are almost crawling, I have seen you do it. But, the army crawl that you have perfected gets you to where your going faster. You sit up on your own for only a few minutes because you would much rather be on your belly moving about. You can pick up little bits of food and feed yourself. You love it when I sing to instantly calms you..especially, when I sing the "Apples and Cherries" song. You have one tooth on your bottom left side and oh, how it has given you pain :( Your brother makes you smile and laugh like no other.... a deep belly laugh that makes my heart melt...I see your relationship blossoming every day! I also see that you look up to him already, you more and more want to play with him and his toys. You love your giraffe blankie that Daddy calls your "Binkie Boo". You need it draped over your face while you drink your bottle and you cuddle it while you sleep.

You are in the middle of your first cold, another painful experience for you. You have a stuffy nose and you are congested in your chest. This has made sleeping difficult for you over the past few nights, but as soon as you see one of flash that priceless smile and all doesn't seem so bad!

I love you my sweet, sweet baby O!

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