Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 14 and 15

I have been taking every opportunity I can to finish some of the many projects we have started around this house. A few of the things we are working on right now are board and batten in the office, sanding and painting our breakfast nook table and chairs, painting a chalkboard for Jack's room, creating a gallery wall for both boys' rooms, finishing my gallery wall on our main level, and just plain figuring out how to decorate this place all while introducing fall decorations. Oh and the basement, don't even get me started on that! It's embarrassing down there as in complete hoarder status. That being said, my photo challenge is taking a bit of a back seat right now. I do find it fun and inspiring and I am committed to completing this challenge so I will get better for the second half. Yeah, one half done!

Day 14: Flowers
I got two hibiscus plants from my sister-in-law and mother-in-law as house warming presents back in May. Now, I had never had an hibiscus plant before this and I think I will buy myself a couple every spring. They are so beautiful and vibrant in color when they bloom!

Day 15: Shoes...Jack's Shoes
Today's challenge was supposed to my shoes, but mine are boring in comparison to Jack's new super duper speed shoes. I took him shoe shopping last night because let's face it, this boy is growing like a weed. With a chill in the air and a decrease in the temperature we have had to break out his pants and jeans all of which are now above his ankles. Sheesh! Clothes shopping will come soon, but first he needed new shoes. He fell in love with these immediately upon seeing them and then after he tried them on and ran laps around the store (to show us how fast they helped him run), they were most definitely not coming off. There was no persuading Jack to another shoe his Momma liked more/thought were cuter/went with his clothes better/etc. So, it was the black and neon yellow for Jack and he thinks there super hero status. That's all that matters, right?!

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Anne Wallisch said...

FYI - Jack shared with me today that these shoes definitely will help him run and kick better in soccer! I received an invitation to come to the park and watch him kick - "Gramma, there are bleachers there you can sit on while you watch me kick and run", you'll be surprised how fast these shoes are..............."!