Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 2: What I Wore and What Jack Wore

Oh man, day number two and I already flubbed as I am getting this posted a whole day late. Yesterday, was just "one of those days" where my day did not go as planned and I simply got nothing accomplished. Also, I may have slightly procrastinated on this assignment because it seemed to me that self-portrait and what I wore where not only quite similar, but equally awkward for me. This challenge is about trying something new and conquering those fears so I did accomplish day two. Now there is a disclaimer to this photo, which is that I took it as I was running (remember after one of those days) out the door to a bachelorette party and O-bubs was crying for me as he laid limp on his sick bed (comfy space we make on the couch) with a 104 degree temp and a barking cough. No worries, I wasn't leaving him all by himself, Grandma was cuddling him. Oh and yes, that is a dog tail by my foot. Sigh.

Dress, belt, earrings and shoes: All from Target

To all of you that actually read my blog, I promise that there will be more going on around there than my face and this photo challenge. Promise!

Now, onto what Jackers wore.

Sand: The Beach

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