Saturday, September 24, 2011

Days 21-24

Day 21: Pretty Pattern
Me and damask...sigh! I feel like I choose this pattern all.the.time. I love that it is girlie but not too girlie...for Pat's sake, you know?! I chose this for the seat covers of the chairs I am redoing. I do like it, so hopefully I will get these done in the next...ohhh, maybe 6 months!

Day 22: Sunset
Sunset in our neighborhood.
This picture was taken with Pat's iPhone. iPhones take such awesome pictures and I love the instagram application! But, I refuse to buy an iPhone until it has an actual slide down keyboard as I simply cannot do touchscreen. I wonder if this will ever happen?

Day 23: Trees

We have ourselves a mini-forest in our backyard, but I was drawn to this little tree for this assignment. It was the first tree to be planted in our yard and so for that it is very special to me. I hope to plant more trees in the future especially one for each of the boys just as my parents did for my brothers and I.

If you look real close, you will see we had ourselves a casualty recently! My cute little bird house was hit by a flying golf ball. This is what happens when your 4 year-old is learning to hit golf balls.

Day 24: Smile


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