Thursday, September 8, 2011

My dreams, those related to that girlie movie.

 My favorite all-time movie is The Notebook (Keefe, quit rolling your eyes). Maybe it has to do with the love story, maybe it is has to do with Ryan Gosling, but mostly it has to do with the fact that the story line is quit similar to my grandparents own love story. Ahhh, so sweet! Anyway, I digress, back to my dreams. 

As I have talked about before, Pat and I have moved five times in the last seven years and yes, that means we have owned five homes in those seven years. Now, each of those homes were special to us in there own way, for example, our first house as a married couple, the house we brought Jack home to, the house where Jack took his first steps and said his first words and the house where we brought Owen home and where he took his first steps and spoke his first words. However, because there was always another "potential move" looming out in the atmosphere, I never felt that they were homes where we were planting our roots and making our dreams come true. 

Fast forward to house number five and finally I am starting to feel like we will be staying put. I may not have made any (maybe 3?) nail holes in the walls, but I am making plans for this house and starting to create traditions and memories for our family. Now back to The Notebook and how it relates to my rambling. Ever since I saw this movie and fell in love with it (way back when), I have stored in my dream house file in my brain (until now...thank you Pinterest) that I would love to someday have a big front porch complete with a porch swing.

For example:

Front Porch

Porch Swing

With this recent move, those two dreams came true as the front porch came with our new house and the porch swing we created just for it. I showed you this, oh about one month ago. These past few weeks, with some Pinterest inspiration (this) in hand, we took an adirondack loveseat and made ourselves a porch swing! 


I bought this adirondack loveseat from a Habitat For Humanity Restore. I primed it and painted it Picket Fence by Martha Stewart. A very helpful employee at Lowe's helped me think through the technicalities involved in hanging a swing and then loaded up my cart with the goods. We Pat then hung the swing for me while I made sure it was straight and even (right Babe?!).



Looking at my new porch swing makes me happy and swinging on it makes me even happier!
One root has been planted!

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