Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Evening Random.

**I wrote this post last night while watching Due Date (pretty good) with Pat and just as I was minutes from completion, the server stopped working. Grrrr. So now tonight, as the boys (including Pat) are sound asleep, I am working on it again while watching the Country Music Awards.

1. We have had one busy week that included cousins, the zoo, Underwater World Sea Life Aquarium, Nickelodeon Universe, thrifting, haircuts, a birthday party, visits to our new house and playing outside in 50 degree weather in Spring coats...twice (

2.  It was a quick, "Momma, I want to go...please I want to go soo bad...I want to go with Uncle Andy and Ty" type of decision. I had little time to actually process what was happening. I was nervous, I was sweating and my heart was pounding. I gave Jack a big hug and kiss and told my brother, "please be careful and don't let Jack sit by himself". And that was it and they were off to ride on the Log Chute (without me as I stayed back with the little kiddos). I always assumed Pat and I would be with Jack when he experienced a ride like this for the first time. But I wasn't and that is okay (even though I was having a panic attack the whole 20 minutes). 

Jack did great, but he tells me, "I never-ever want to go on that ride ever again."

3. "Fwankie" and Onen" impatiently waiting for their brothers.

And playing piano together.
The older they get, the more they are becoming lil' buds.

4. A sneak peak of our Forever House (my new name for our house as I hope to live in it longer than 2 years, the current average for our four previous homes).
 Our close date got pushed back from April 20th to May 7th. 
Gaaaww...17 more days added to living outta suitcases.

 5. While Pat had a Guys Night last night at the casino, I stayed home and stalked blogs and Etsy and Pinterest. I purchased this:

 Per a raving recommendation from Pat's cousin's wife who is also a Momma to a boy.
 **That reminds me, this book about raising/nurturing boys is awesome and I also highly recommend it to all parents of boys.

and two of these (for Easter):

 6. Last summer, I posted a link to a fruit salsa recipe. At the time, my friend Kim informed me that although she was very much wanting to make that recipe, my link did not work. Kimmy, I completely forgot that you told me that until I came across this fruit salsa recipe (last night as well) on Pinterest. This one is a little different as it has apples, but I think it looks equally delicious. And don't forget the cinnamon-sugar chips!

7. I found my first gray hair recently, the boys have been asking to feel the wrinkles on my forehead, and I notice my eyesight worsening. Awesome. But, Jack told me a few days ago, "Mommy, guess what? Your my hero!" Sigh.

8. After visiting it several times at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I bought a dining table and its matching six chairs. There is a cute story behind my decision to buy it that I will share later when the project is complete, but for now here is a glimpse.

Inspiration for this refab project can be found here, here, here and maybe a little of here.
9. Dear Minnesota Family and Friends,

Please offer any assistance you can to me about the most effective way in using Craig's List. My ears are wide open to any of your tips and tricks to getting that thing you have been looking for. I never used it much in Kalamazoo because it was a smaller/less populated area which meant there never was much for sale. I have been finding some great stuff on Craig's List and when I reach out to the seller, I am either second in line/too late or they never get back to me. What gives?

Thank you, 


10. We went to our Forever House today to check it out, dream up future plans, mark trees we need taken out, and play in the woods. These woods behind our house provide (and will provide) an endless adventure for the boys (and their parents actually). Watching them find treasures, throw rocks, climb trees, make walking sticks and discover deer tracks all while getting filthy dirty makes me one happy Momma. I truly think I never stopped smiling watching them play. 

Jack and Owen got into the bath tonight with mud smeared on their knees and down under their fingernails. I asked Jack what his most favorite part of his day was (a question we always ask at the end of the day) and he replied, "playing in the woods". I cannot wait until playing in the woods is our new, daily activity! Once we are all moved in, our first project will most definitely be this.

And just because...


Jane said...

if you are looking for something specific on craigslist, do the search, then you can pull the specific search as an RSS feed into your RSS reader (if you use one, I'm just assuming you do I guess) Then you aren't constantly performing the same searches every time you log on. if my directions are too vague let me know, it's been a year since I did this, but it helped me find my baby papasan chair.

Anne Wallisch said...

I love this pic of Onan and Fwankie on the little darlins!

Nicole said...

Thanks Jane :)