Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 9: Faceless Self-Portrait

Today, I'm off to Milwaukee for a baby shower. My mom, O-bubs and I are road-tripping it down this afternoon while Pat and Jack stay home. Pat will work on our never-ending list (board and batten...oh yay!) and take care of Jack who needs to karate chop this virus outta here! I simply don't have time to get creative with today's challenge so I am using a photo from day one. It's works!
Faceless Self-Portrait

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Anne Wallisch said...

Yes...........traveling to Milwaukee with my daughter and precious cargo (Owen) in tow!!!! What a wonderful time alone with this little guy. He is full of wonder of his own when his big brother is not anywhere near to direct the activities!!! Nothing new there.
AHHHHHH, wonderful to see all the "rellies" too - our family is quite a lovely bunch and the grandkids add such flavor to our ever growing brood!
HHKK Owen, Jack we missed you!