Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheese Face and a Project.

Owen has perfected his cheese face and beware it's scary. Not scary for him, but scary for you. And I don't mean scary movie scary, I mean scary like you might think he is hurt, in pain, crying or all of the above. I sure did.

But nope, no, no...he's just saying, "Cheeeeeeeeeese".

I'm not sure why, but this one makes me laugh..a lot! 
Maybe it is that his cousin Frankie is saying "cheese" too, but you can still see her eyes!

O-bubs is doing a little better (his eyes are slightly open) in this picture with his GiGi and Frankie.
I just love him so!

Amongst the one million projects I want to do, I need to do, and I dream about doing is this gallery wall I just started yesterday.

I'm taking these Ikea frames....

and I'm just going for it to create a gallery wall similar to this and this and complete with this to cover that thermostat.

I'll be back with the results...wish me luck!

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