Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's Saturday night.
The boys are fast asleep.
We are watching the 2010 Winter Olympics, specifically bobsledding (note to self: learn more about bobsledding and curling)
We couldn't find one movie to rent from Redbox, bummer.
We still ate popcorn though!

So here are two totally unrelated Myers' boys snippets....70's style!

I feel like I just found Owen doing THIS. Now here he is walking and babbling (two words we can make out, "Hi" and "Dadda" and we think he may be saying "All done"). He has 7 teeth; 4 on top and 3 on bottom. A full head of thick, blond hair with curly ringlets in the back! His current loves are ravaging any cabinet or drawer or shelf and pulling everything out/off and throwing it on the floor, putting things in his mouth, walking and walking and walking, and oh, climbing the stairs. I think this is why at 14 months old, he is finally sleeping through the night. Pure bliss!!

And his newest adventure...Owen has learned to sit his tush down on a chair, all by himself!


I find him doing this quite often! 
Good thing he can get on and off.

Just a small, daily reminder that my O is getting big. 
He is watching his brother like a hawk and learning so much from him!

Everyone says that Jack looks just like his daddy.
I hear this all.....the......time!
Don't get me wrong, I do agree. 
Look at that blond hair, those blue eyes. Even the shape of his head!
But, you know what, Jack is just like his Momma in different ways
For example ...we have a mutual love for cheese. Any type, any form...we just love cheese.

Here Jack is eating shredded Parmesan. 
Not my first choice, but he enjoys it! 
I think he likes that it comes out of sprinkler/shaker thingy. 
Good times for a 3 year-old!

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Anne Wallisch said...

I can't wait to see them again.
Friday evening with TY and Frankie was wonderful! Ty says I miss my Jackie!