Sunday, February 21, 2010

Traveling with children on a plane......

in numbers!

2:  # of children.

1:  # of parents.

5: # of items to check, 3 bags and 2 car seats.

5: # of carry on bags....(I don't know what I was thinking?!?!).

1: # of strollers.

1: # of grandmas helping out during the check-in process.

60: # of minutes we arrived at the airport before our flight was to take-off.

2: # of seconds it took me to realize that it is spring-break season and the airport was an absolute madhouse.

45: the # of minutes we waited outside in the freezing cold to check-in curbside.

1: # of times Jack had to use the potty during those 45 minutes.

30: the # seconds it took for the curb-side attendant to tell me I couldn't check my car-seats curbside (due to the NWA/Delta merger) and I would have to go inside to do so and I was now going to miss my flight!   

0: # of signs notifying me of this change.

1: # of screaming babies due to being cold, hungry and tired.

1: # of my children running around, crawling on the floor, dancing and just plain constant moving due to total boredom with the situation and inability to sit still!

15: # of minutes it took to recheck-in on a new flight and pay for the those darn bags.

30: # of minutes we stood in line for security...thank goodness my mom stayed in line with us!

1: # of times Jack had to use the potty again during that time.

10: # of minutes it took for the boys and I to go through the actual security.

Lots: # of shoes, jackets, bags, stroller, computer, etc to take off/out and put on the rollers!

30: # of minutes to get coffee (my life-saver) and food (the boys' life-saver) and decompress before getting on the plane.

1: # of people (a very nice man) Jack talked to the entire 30 minutes we waited to board our plane.

1: # of hours the flight took

45: # of minutes Owen fussed or cried during the flight

3 : # of us SO incredibly happy to see Pat waiting for us in Chicago!

Oh, how they missed you Pat!


Anne Wallisch said...

Oh Mommy! Sounds exhausting to me.

Jane said...

wow. not fun! Glad you all survived.... Thank God for grandma's!