Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Spy.

I spy with my little eye.
A perfect game for a 3 year-old and his daddy to play while on a 4 hour road trip. 

Pat: I spy with my little eye, a smoke stack.

Jack: Where daddy, where is the smoke stack?

Pat: Right there (as he is pointing to it).

Jack: Oh, I see it daddy.

Pat: Your turn Jack. What do you see?

Jack: I spy....aaaaa...I spy...aaaaaa...I spy aaaaaaa....a bridge. Daddy, I spy a bridge.

Pat: Good one Jack. That is a good one!

Jack: Daddy, it is your turn. What do you see? 

Pat: Let's see. I spy aaaaaaa..... 

Jack: You can do it daddy...you can do it (very encouraging)! Say, "I think I can...I think I can...I think I can"! 

At this point, my heart is melting to little pieces of L-O-V-E listening to this!

Pat: I spy with my little eye a bunch of cows.

Jack: Good one daddy. Now ask me....ask me daddy!

Pat: Okay Jack, what do you spy?

They played this game for awhile and it truly never got old....it was way too sweet to!!


Anne Wallisch said...

AND, now, who needs a TV in the car when you're traveling?????

PS - what a great Daddy.

Anne Wallisch said...

I love the new format................very nice!