Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So good to be home....

I was even able to capture a Jackers smile on camera (imagine that?).


I absolutely love being back home (it will always be home with all the moving we have done), seeing family and friends. But, it is always so nice and comfy to come back to our own house. We sure do love our own pillows, bathtub toys, our morning coffee, our routines, and one thing I love the most is taking walks in our neighborhood!  Sunday was beautiful here, so we took advantage of the weather and took a long walk.  


Simple and nice.


Anne Wallisch said...

Mommy.........you are "blessed" to have to two healthy little boys in your life........WOW.
OOPS........spelling error

Keefe said...

You should do a movie review segment and you could start with Shutter Island!