Monday, February 8, 2010

Reading with Spike

Meet Spike. He is Jack's pet dinosaur. See him there, his red head popping out from underneath Jack's blankets. Now Spike was Jack's "must-have" from Mr. Claus! Spike was always at the top of the list when Jack was asked what he wanted this year know....that day ( I am so over that day, that I don't even want to type it).

Anyway, he was absolutely thrilled to see Spike under the tree. Thrilled. Interestingly enough, I could probably count on one hand how many times he has actually played with Spike. He truly has played with my spray bottle more times and for a longer amount of time than his "must-have" Spike. But, who's counting?!?

While making dinner, one night last week, Jack decided it would be a good time to make Spike comfortable on the kitchen floor (right in front of the oven, I might add). He laid on the floor with his blankets (because "Spike is cold Momma") and read to him all about farms. Barns. Corn. Hay. Tractors. Spike was very into it. 




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Anne Wallisch said...

Even dinosaurs need some "tender loving care"!!!!!

Spike the Magic Dinosaur lived by the sea, and frollicked in the autumm mist in a land called Hanna Lea..................Jack loves that song!

I do love that little boy! GiGi