Sunday, February 21, 2010

Talk to me about that!

That is Jack's way of asking us to tell him a story. He is doing it quite often these days, he'll say, "Momma, talk to me about that" or "Momma, tell me about that". His favorite two subjects at the moment are dinosaurs and the day he was born. This sure does get a momma tongue tied when I have to think of a creative, interesting dinosaur story on a whim. But, I have learned that it is teaching him to do the same and use his imagination. I absolutely love listening to Jack be imaginative and I am seeing it more and more the older he gets.

This morning he got into bed with Pat and I for some morning snuggling. He told us he wanted to tell us about something, so aka tell us a story. I requested for him to tell us about the day he was born, which he frowned and said, "No momma, I am going to tell you about dinosaurs".

Here is the story:

One day there was a very big T. Rex. He was walking down the street. And our family was walking down the street too. And the T. Rex ate us all up.

The end.

Okay? I would have preferred the story about Jack's birth day. He went on to tell us several dinosaur stories. It was a small moment I want to remember forever of him snuggling and telling stories!

Jack, the zookeeper. 

Thanks GiGi!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Dear Jack & Owen,
I love opening up this blog and reading your latest escapades!
I am lucky to have your mommy as my daughter! Keep it up, Nicole!
I "heart" you.