Thursday, February 18, 2010

We did have fun!

We had a great time despite, you know what.

We really did!

I HEART the Minnesota Children's Museum.

I think he was possibly debating on whether or not the T. Rex was real!

See that nervous smile on his face!
I had to assure him that it was not real, "It's fake buddy, don't worry!"


A one year-old + water = never ending splashing fun

Jack was more interested in the creatures lurking around in the water.
Another sign that my first baby is growing up.





Jack Flashback! 
Same museum, same crawl-through log, same excitement in the face...different boy!
Jack at 11.5 months during his very first trip to the museum.


It takes great concentration to get those boats down the slide!
Intense face!

Owen and GiGi! 

Awww...he brought those to me!

Jack wanted to "drive" the bus so bad! 
It was so busy with kiddos wanting to do just the same.
He was surprisingly patient and got his turn!

Owen is all about exploring and discovering and  putting everything in his mouth to do so! 
He loved it there!
 After this picture was taken, it was time to go!

Here we have two exhausted little boys!
Owen was asleep before we got out of the city.

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Anne Wallisch said...

What a wonderful afternoon......minus the "lost boy" episode!
Love those two!