Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Train 2010

We took a ride on The Santa Train this past weekend. The boys got a huge kick out of seeing Santa, sitting on his lap and having a little conversation with him. Jack told Santa that he has "been a good boy and he would like a Spiderman skateboard and a Batman Scooter". Owen told Santa, "Santa, Santa, ho-ho-ho....Mi-Mouse", which meant he would like Mickey Mouse. However, Santa is not getting him "Mi-Mouse" because the only Mickey Mouse he seems to make is that dancing/singing Micky Mouse and well, that is just freaky. 

Anyway, the Santa Train experience as a whole was only okay this year. Owen was a fidgety two-year-old the entire time and after seeing Santa, Jack actually asked if we could go home. Waw-waw-waaaaw.  

 But, they did get to see and talk to him and I was able to get this cute picture of them on his lap wearing matching outfits (cause I'm weird like that).

This Santa did however really take time with each of the kids on our train car. He talked to each of them for a good five minutes, which was real sweet. I asked Jack if he had any questions for Santa or if their was anything else he wanted to tell him. After thinking for a minute, he said, "Oh yes, Santa I just want to tell you that I love my family very much". Aww...I guess he knew who was really listening :) 

Flashback...Santa Train 2009


Here we go, only 4 more days till Christmas!
I just added make chocolate peanut butter balls to my list.

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Anne Wallisch said...

What a great photo history you have going! They both have changed so much it's unbelievable........WOW!
Wish I had been there to witness the excitement!
HHKK - Can't wait for your visit at GiGi's