Monday, December 14, 2009

All Aboard The Santa Train...All Aboard!

Jolly old St. Nicholas, Lean your ear this way!
Don't you tell a single soul, What I'm going to say;
Christmas Eve is coming soon; Now, you dear old man,
Whisper what you'll bring to me: Tell me if you can.

Maybe a new snowblower....ours died right after the first big snowstorm of the year!

Maybe a new refrigerator......ours died the day after I loaded up on groceries! 

Ugh...Ugh...Ugh and UGH! A bit much, but I think they are on the mend. Nothing like storing food in coolers on the deck for a week!

Okay, enough of the seriousness! You know what makes life a little sweeter in times of stress? 

When I see my 3 year-old son's face light up with GLEE (love that show!) when he sees...

one of his current obsessions, trains

and this jolly old man.

And even better, when they are combined for a magical ride called the The Santa Train

 All Aboard!!

Waiting to board. No clue where both boys are looking?

 and waiting

and waiting!

Toot....Toot! Here it comes!!

Jack absolutely loved his first train ride.

I think?

We did!! 

There was a real princess (Miss Cooperville 2009) who read The Polar Express

One of Santa's helpers, a "real" elf. She may have been yawning in this picture! Long day.

And Santa Claus!!! 

I swear Jack is a happy little boy!! We were amazed that he agreed to sit on Santa's lap! 
Pat and I both prepped him for Santa Claus. And I mean MAJOR! He has been somewhat nervous/scared around the big guy lately! But, he went up to him, no problem.

Santa asked him his name...and instead of just telling him, "I'm Jack" like he always does...he spelled it out, "My name is J-A-C-K". Okay? Never heard that before!? He told him he has been real good boy and he would really like Spike, The Dinosaur.


Jack's first Santa Claus experience, exactly 2 years prior. And he is giving the same exact look! Really?!?


Owen was mesmerized by Santa! Smiling the entire time!

The boys each got a little gift from Santa! Jack got Dinosaurs capsules.

Owen got Matchbox cars. But, he cared more about the packaging.

Owen is all about his Momma!


By the end of the train ride, all the kids, including ours, in our car were going ballistic! It was dinner time and their hunger was taking over! But overall, I think the boys loved it!


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Anne Wallisch said...

Christmas really is "magic". Notice it was the same Santa in Hudson - two years ago, and now in Kalamazoo - two years later!
I knew Santa was real......HHKK