Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And just like that he's....

On December 21, four years ago we were living in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We had only lived in this new state for a few short months as your dad took a job with a new company and we were relocated there. This day marked the 38 weeks and 5 days that you had been growing in my belly. We were so excited and ready for you to make your appearance! Well, it was around 10:00 am on this day and I had just gotten out of the shower. I was blow-drying my hair, I bent over slightly and I heard a "pop" and my water broke. I guess that is when you gave me first notice that you were ready to come out into the world.

Being new at this, mommy and daddy rushed to the hospital to see if you were truly ready to come out. Little did we know, it would be another 14 hours until we were actually holding you in our arms. You took your sweet, old time maybe you were showing us your stubborn side (that you get from your mommy). After about 8 hours of no signs (no dilatation or contractions) of you, mommy's Midwife decided it would be best to give me some medicine to speed things up a bit to get you out quicker. This medicine worked and around 10:00 pm on this day, you were really wanted out! After pushing for 2 hours, Mommy delivered you at 12:21 am on December 22, 2006. We smiled, we cheered, we laughed, we cried as we held you, our first healthy, newborn son. The joy we felt at this moment is something we had never experienced before in our lives.

We had a few names picked out for you that we liked, but daddy decided you looked like a Jack. I agreed and so we named you Jack. Your MiMi and PaPa had driven down the day before to spend Christmas with us. They arrived to our house to see a note on the front door telling them, "The baby is on his way" and so they were the first to meet you. Being that you were their first grandson, it was very special. You were held and snuggled between the four of us non-stop. You were the best Christmas present we have ever received.

And now here we are on this day, four years later. We have since moved to two different States and have lived in two different houses. And through this all, you have always remained a pure joy in our lives. We have learned so much from you Jack. In watching you grow and learn, you have taught us the real meaning of  love, patience, understanding and happiness.

You are 110% all boy. You love to run, jump, dance, swim and play (and play hard). You love to sing, making up the words as you go along. You love to draw (color, not so much) and it's usually Superheros that you draw.


You are in preschool 2 days a week at a Nature Center. It compliments your absolute most favorite activity, being outside (in any type of weather). You enjoy school more than I even expected (and I expected a lot). Comments your teachers have told me are, "Jack is a friend to everybody in the class", "Jack always has something to share during circle time", "Jack has a big heart and he is very caring to all the kids in class" and "Jack loves nature walks, they are his favorite". Hearing this makes my heart leap! Now, you don't tell mommy much about school other than if you do or don't go on a nature walk that day. And you randomly belt out songs that you learn at school, which usually happens at dinner.
I love this.

When Owen came along 2 years ago, you were not too sure about having a little brother. However, today, you are so in love with him and he with you. You are showing us everyday what a great big brother you are and will be for the many years to come. You help him, teach him, share with him, play with him and give him hugs and kisses quite often. Our hope is that you will always be there for each other, one day becoming best friends.

Jack, I love you more than I could ever convey in this blog post.
You turning 4 years old makes me a little sad and I get a little choked up just thinking about it.
But, thinking about all the wonderful, joyous things you bring to my life puts a huge smile on my face.
I truly cannot wait for what 4 will bring for you and I am so excited to be a part of that!
I love you Jackers!


Anne Wallisch said...

This is so wonderful............I love all of you! What a joyous birthday!
Also, I am sure he is a budding artist with that pic of Superman!

Michelle said...

Happy Happy Birthday Buddy! Hope you had a fun day!