Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa...

here are a few things that I have been dreaming of!
(I am a kid at heart....wink-wink!).

To put it simply, this is basically one of the best inventions for my hair that has ever been created! It gets so hot (300 degrees +) that I only have to swipe it through sections of my horse hair once to get it to look just right.

It can do

Who knew?!?

The whole, 'you can curl your hair with a hair straightener' was completely new to me! I had no idea this was possible...thank goodness I have one very girlie/wanna-be hair stylest SIL who teaches me about all this stuff!  Here is a super quick video showing you just how, in case this is new to you as well!

2.  One of these, er actually both of these would be nice. I can't believe I still don't have either!?! I have entered about 152 of Pioneer Woman's giveaways with no luck and the the kitchen fairy never answered my wishes...seriously, what gives?

3.  A new lens for my camera, like this one:
It just happens to be a wee bit expensive, so I was thinking this next lens might be more fiscally responsible due to my limited photography abilities.

4. Power tools!

5. Two tickets to someplace like this!

6. This super cute scarf/wrap/neckwarmer....I'm in love.

8. And a rosette necklace, similar to these. These, however, are currently all sold out. Gah!

9.   At least a few times a week, I say to Pat, "we really need to get better at taking videos of the boys". Well, here's my solution, the flip video camcorder. It's small, lightweight, super easy to use and I can just throw it into my purse!

I know Christmas is not all about presents, candy and Santa, but a girl can dream, right?

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Anne Wallisch said...

What a great list...........I don't think I could come up with anywhere near that good of one!
AND, I want the red mixer too! Maybe Santa can find two at the north pole.