Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jammies, Cupcakes, Reindeer and Bokeh...huh?

Jack turns four years-old in three days.
I'm not ready to talk about it.
I just cannot believe that my little boy is going to be 4!
But, like I said, I'm not ready to talk about it.

Instead, I just want to share what we did the morning of his last day of preschool before Christmas break and before his birthday. Poor bugger's birthday will always be clumped in with Christmas. Not if I have anything to say about it! I will always do my best to unclump it and make it special.

So, here goes....
We stayed in our jammies all morning...we played, we baked cupcakes and we made Reindeer food.

A little insight into these pictures... Jack asked me to take a picture of him with Owen.
Jack snuggled up real close to his baby brother and then Owen snuggled up real close to his big brother.
And then he gave him a kiss (unprompted, even). these moments.


 I wanted to make treats for Jack to bring to his preschool class in celebration of his birthday. To honor Jack's request of cupcakes, I went on an internet search for an idea and I came across these colorburst cupcakes. Perfect... they are fun, colorful, easy for Jack and I to make together, and contain lots of sugar and color additives (just what a bunch of 3 year-olds need...I totally kid). No, but seriously,  they reminded of the rainbow cake and the fruit and veggie rainbow pancakes I also came across awhile ago, something I always have wanted to try. 

The boys and I whipped up the colorburst cupcakes together.
Jack mixed the colors into the separate batters, I layered them into the liners and O tried to stir up some trouble by flinging his batter-dipped spoon everywhere.
Okay, so this cupcake talk is getting pretty lengthy. Sorry...moving on.

I'm pretty sure they watched them bake the entire 20 minutes.

And voila...rainbow cupcakes with vanilla frosting and Christmas sprinkles (it's all I had)!

I guess they enjoyed them because Jack came home with an empty pan and a frosting-covered face.
Actually, Owen and I shared one while Jack was at school and I have to say these were super yum!

Reindeer Food.
We made packets of Reindeer food for each of his friends at school.
This little project truly took like 15 minutes (at the most) and Jack loved it! Reindeer talk is very magical!
I printed off the labels at home, we mixed the food together (oatmeal, sugar and red/green sprinkles and sugar crystals) and then stapled them onto little plastic baggies. And there you have it, Reindeer food you can sprinkle on your lawn or deck on Christmas Eve.  

And a couple nights later, I tried Bokeh with my camera, my Christmas tree and my little dudes.
My first try at it and it kinda worked, but with a snotty nosed O-bubs sucking on a random stick. My attempts after this failed as my camera kept focusing on the tree instead of my patient and willing subject, Jack. Hmm?
Real life this picture is, but I need to give it a try again. Pictures like these and/or these would be nice.

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Anne Wallisch said...

I adore the Reindeer Food recipe.......I am going to steal this and give it to the neighbors! WOW, thanks Mommy.