Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's arrived.

Snow, that is! 
It's's here!
Yesterday it was snowing when we woke up and continued on into the night.
This made for two very happy and excited little boys.
All Jack talked about was "when do I get to go shovel the driveway?"
We went out after naps to play in the snow and Jack went out again with Pat after dinner.
He seriously can't get enough of it and he has been this way every year.
Owen, he wasn't as thrilled when he actually was in the snow as he was begging me to bring him "home, Momma, home".

Just a few pics of our first frolic in the snow....


Anne Wallisch said...

I love the little "apple cheeks" on those two......and GiGi's scarf on Jack!

Anne Wallisch said...

Snow we come!