Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We went out to Tall Timbers Tree Farm this past Sunday to pick out our Christmas Tree. We took a ride on their little bus called the Elf Express in search of our Fraser Fur. It was such a joy watching the boys get so excited about the whole process. Jack kept saying, "how about this one, this looks like the perfect tree." They completed the experience with a cup of hot cocoa. Owen loved this part as he kept asking, "Momma, hot COCO peeese....peeese, more".

Riding the Elf Express.

The boys on the hunt with their Daddy.

It's hard enough to take a picture of two little boys let alone when one has to go potty.

2. We then decorated the tree that night while listening to Glee, The Christmas Album.
Both boys wanted a chance to put the star on top.

Jack helped decorate the tree......

while O-bubs decorated Beasley.

I know I say this all the time, but the boys are at such a fun age (minus the 2 year-old tantrums). They get so excited about everything as they (especially Jack) are starting to understand the holidays. I think Pat and I had smiles on our faces the whole time we decorated the tree. It was so pretty all lit up that night. This is definitely a tradition I can see us doing for a long time.

3. And here was the Christmas Tree about 15 hours later....
Those little bubs just couldn't keep their hands off of it.

4. Shhhh...don't tell the 15 year-old Jack, but the almost 4 year-old Jack went with his Momma to see Tangled. He even held my hand and sat on my lap for parts of it. Yeah, I was pretty much eating it up the whole time! This was a great movie, for both girls and boys. It has lots of music (a nice surprise) and action.

5. I just may never learn how to use Photoshop. I need to take a class...know of one? I still hold out hope..it's on my list of to-do's. Well, in the meantime, I still have picnik, which I just discovered has textures. I like!



6. Another Christmas album that I have been listening to everyday for the that two weeks is Josh Groban's Noel. Not to sound too corny, but it just fills me with the Christmas spirit and makes me want to decorate every corner of my house while baking cookies. Did I ever tell you that I saw him once on the streets of Chicago? Yep, we crossed the street together, I was right next to him. Really, it was him, but I was too nervous/star struck to say anything. 

7. As a Registered Nurse, I need to fulfill 24 CEU's every 2 years. My license needed to be renewed and for this to be done these 24 credits were due today. So, guess when I started all 24? On Sunday night! Sheesh...such a procrastinator I am. 

8. I think these are three great DIY Christmas gifts. 

9.  We miss GiGi!

10. My birthday is on Friday. This means that in 3 days I will turn 32 years-old. Can I be honest with you about something? Yes? Okay, here goes....I am so dreading it and the thought of it is actually making me slightly depressed. Ugh!! What happened to 22 or 25 or 28 or 30 even? Good thing (great thing actually) I am meeting up with my girlfriends in Chicago for the weekend. Woo-hoo...cannot wait girls! May I will see Josh Groban.


Anne Wallisch said...

OMG...............such delight with the whole family for the holidays.
AND, as Granny Marie would say, "take the baby out of the playpen and put the Christmas tree in it"!
No more tree collapses.....LOL.

What a wonderful present for our BD - spending it in Chicago with your "best" friends........!

Anne Wallisch said...

Oops, I forgot. Always remember....the oldest child puts the first ornament on the tree and the baby puts on the STAR! This is tradition!