Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And my attempt....

at homemade egg noodles.



I actually find this very funny. I mean isn't it supposed to be easy. Mix an egg, milk and flour and VOILA, noodles.  I guess not. This mess was dry and crumbly.

Please, oh please, Magic Kitchen Fariy, please bring me one of these. I think it might help.

and one of these too!
My mom always encourages me that I can do it without those beauties! She says, "Women have been cooking for eons of time without them". And yes, I see her point and it does encourage me to forge on in my kitchen without them. Thanks Mom! But, it's time...Magic Kitchen Fairy (Pat)....it's time!


Anne Wallisch said...

Magic Kitchen Fairy (Pat)please bring me acouple of those too!

Ahhhh - they are fabulous!
GiGi (Mom)

Val W said...

Nicole, you need to talk to Hannah's Justin. He makes beautiful noodles. I bet he could give you some noodly pointers. Check out his food blog: http://veggieinmilwaukee.wordpress.com/ He hasn't posted in awhile, but his last post was about noodles.
BTW-I've been enjoying following your blog since we got your Christmas card.-Aunt Val